about rmfl

We’re content creators who’ve always naturally loved videography, music, photography, writing, fine art, sculpting, design and cooking. However it comes up, however it starts out, however it ends up - we create and support what we believe in.

We think it. We do it - even if it never sees the light of day. Trust your creativity.

Our first official work is a documovie, Deep Sur - the Battle of Conscientiousness (ready Fall 2019). It started from our love for the outdoors and roaming the Yosemite high country, the Sierras, Los Padres, Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii over the years. We don’t consider it a traditional documentary and it isn’t so easily categorized, but so what. We’re proud of it, regardless.

Our differences should be our strengths...

We’re also close friends, of course, but for all that we have in common creatively, we have equally different mindsets; sometimes agreeable, many times not. Creatively, one person’s perspective can inadvertently and indirectly inspire another seemingly unrelated endeavor.

Of course, we love our family and friends too and we draw inspiration and strength from them. It all contributes to truly being free and creative, along with being out in the environment, meeting people, sharing experiences and knowing that the world is so f’n big with so many people that we’re only going to ever meet 1/10th of 1/10th of 1 percent of them, even if we tried our hardest to do so.

We hope you continue to visit to find the good, to enjoy and embrace your differences and to experience all that is possible in the collective human spirit. Believe.